Thursday, 26 May 2011

Do You Ever Do Your Child's Homework?

This is not about the homework being too hard, or taking too long. It's about me not having much time. Lame excuses Fara! Shame on you!!

OK, this happened today morning right after kiddo finished his shower. Suddenly he said, 'Mom, I got Maths homework.' I was like, 'eh.. aren't you in your exam week? Plus school holiday just few days away.' He told me, he just remembered it. Yeah right. Your last Maths class was on last week Thursday, and don't tell me your teacher came into your dream and remind you about your homework??

So without hesitation and don't want him to be grumpy and start to cry, I told him to do his homework. OK, it's not a lot. Only 7 pages!

It's about plus and minus. And it was already 6.30am, I left him with it and went to shower. Not long after that, he came to me and said 'Mom, I don't know how to do it.' I know he had difficulties with bigger numbers. Especially when it comes to minuses. So what I did? I count for him and told him the answer. Done. Phew! He's happy and so do I.

On one sweet day:
Kiddo: Mama, Syahmie tak faham lah ni Bahasa Arab.
Mama: Err.. mama pun tak faham maksud dia apa lah.
Kiddo: Tak pe lah, nanti Syahmie cakap kat ustazah. 'Ustazah, mama saya tak tahu Bahasa Arab, dia tahu Bahasa Inggeris je.'

Memang kurang asam punya budak!
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