Monday, 23 May 2011

My Birthday Gift: Clinique

Me and my new skin care product. Only after at the age of 30 I tried something that cost me RM500. I went to SK II, and whoa.. RM1.4K is sure expensive! I should have started to take care of my face ages ago huh? Like when the first time I had my pimples? Couldn't remember when exactly.

I was given the consultation first before I make up my mind which product I would use. Of course it is important, or else I wouldn't know which is suitable for me. So far, I don't have any allergies to all the skin care products I have used. And trying this expensive well-known branded items sure freak me out. First, it's pricey and second of all the effectiveness of the product on my face. Let's hope I am satisfied enough with Clinique.

On top of that, I did get a miniature - Aromatic Elixir. Not so nice. I've asked for Happy, got that instead.

Thank you Mr. Fruitheart and kiddo for the lovely birthday gift.
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