Monday, 30 May 2011

School Holidays.. Smooth Traffic and Send Kids To Their Grandparents House

Happy Monday everyone! Still feel sleepy, tiring week again I can say. Helping out my parents moved into their new house. Luckily it's two weeks school holiday and I don't have to wake up 5.30am. Yay!

Kiddo? He is staying with my parents. Hehe. So I have one week time alone with Mr. Fruitheart.

It's a tradition parents sending their children to stay with their grandparents during school holidays. I was sent to my grandparents house only when I was in standard one. But at that time we stayed in the same state, only different disctrict. Now, I did the same with kiddo. Of course he is excited staying there. No mommy to scold him, no mommy to make him do this and that and above all - no restriction to games. I know he will be a good boy and can take care of himself.


I wonder why the road is not congested when school holidays? I am pretty sure not all parents 'balik kampung' which makes the road flow smoothly. And I am also sure that it is not because of the school buses that makes the traffic jammed.

One of my friend said, it is not congested during school holidays because all teachers also went for holiday. Haha. That does make sense to me. Teachers also drive to school right?
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