Monday, 13 June 2011

Family Vacation: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Day 1

Hello my blog readers.

Sorry I've been away for my holiday and now I am back. Did you miss me? No? That's OK. I know you do anyway. Hehe. Fasten your seat belt as the update will start.

We left the house (my parents new house) at around 4.45am Monday morning. We took the early flight 6.45am. Kiddo is the most excited one since he loves to ride the plane. Not sure if he likes to see the beautiful flight attendants or just enjoying the travelling.

Once we arrived at LCCT, we went straight to checked-in and had breakfast at McD later on. Have to paid RM45 for the big luggage. Oh brother! When we came back hope it's not doubled the size.

We reached KKIA (Kota Kinabalu International Airport 2) around 9.15am. The weather was good, bright and sunny. Paid RM30 for taxi straight to Sutera Harbour Resort. It was not even 10 minutes drive. (No traffic jammed). Yet, we have to pay RM30! Mr. Fruitheart said that was standard rate. Oh well. Check in time was 12pm, and we arrived too early. So we took the tour around the hotel. Loving it! Beautiful view of the South China Sea, the harbour and we can see some fishes swimming near the dock.

There's two kind of small pond like this

Harbour and dock view

Sea view, from pool side

Since it was so hot and kiddo was sweating, and a little bit grumpy (he just can't wait to step into the pool), we decided to have our brunch. Cafe Boleh was it name. First time in my whole life until that day, I saw a 'nasi lemak' for RM38.

The menu
The expensive 'nasi lemak' I've ever seen in the menu. We ordered vanilla ice cream for kiddo, french toast for me and omelette for Mr. Fruitheart. Total all RM87. Expected it.

View from our window

Another side view from our window
It's time for check in. Not that lucky because we had to wait for our deluxe sea view room to be ready. They had some problems with the aircond and need to fix it. They gave us temporary room which facing the gold course and single bed. We told them if the room was OK, then we will take it. Looking at it, nah ah ah. We will wait for our room to be fixed. So we decided to go for a sight seeing around KK town. So we took a taxi RM15 and stopped at Centre Point Sabah.

Upon entering the mall, we felt that we were in Low Yat Plaza or Sungai Wang. A lot of shoppers and the surroundings are much alike. Then we walked out of the mall and around town, trying to find a good nice place to eat. A bit disappointed because we did not find any, so we stopped at one restaurant named, Java.We had curry mee, chicken rice and took away three meals for dinner later. There was no nearest shop to Sutera Harbour. We have to walk around 10-15 minutes to the nearest food outlet which the concierge man said, we have to cross two highways.

Around 5pm, we reached the hotel and changed to our swimming attire. Time to cool off. At night, we just lay on the bed and enjoyed our ASTRO HBO channel. Too bad it's raining and we don't have the chance to go out and see the beautiful view of the place.
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