Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Family Vacation: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Day 2

The day when we supposed to go snorkeling and island hopping cancelled due to rain. The famous Tunku Abdul Rahman Park was in the list. So we decided to rent a car and drove off to Kinabalu Park. We were given a Wira, RM180 for 24 hours.

It is approximately 86KM from Sutera Harbour. As you know there are no highway here. Only long, winding, up down hill road. Back to nature, left right filled with green and small trees. It's cold too. Couldn't remember the exact place, where patchy fog mixed with rain slowed our progress. I think when we are close to the place. We can still see the signboard and using GPS we reached the place after 2 hours drive.


Fog and rain. Construction in the progress
Not much to see only hills, flowers and fog. Plus it's cold. I have to admit, the view was incredibly superb beautiful! After one hour there, we drove too Poring Hot Spring.

The front view

We left it there

Poring Hotspring
Kids having fun at open pool

You can choose to have private bathroom too
It was still raining when we reached to our second destination. 45KM from Kinabalu Park. A lot of people went there, families with kids, couples and tourists. The pool were all occupied. We went to walk up hill about 280m to the canopy walkway. Tiring! Kiddo has been a good boy, not complaining. Only a bit. He cried when he crossed the hanging bridge.

No, this big by don't cry
Stopped by the souvenir shops outside along the road side, which is opposite the hot spring. Bought few key chains. Nothing much to buy there.

Next stop, Sabah Tea

It was already 3.45PM when we reached our final destination. Mr. Fruitheart said we need to reach the hotel before it's dark.

View from the Sabah Tea cafe

View from the other side
Time go go back. Not surprised when the journey back to the hotel shorter than the first time we started early morning. And it is still raining. Not good at all. Hoping tomorrow will be bright and sunny.

Disappointed when we didn't have the chance to look for the good place to eat. I had my list, but we have to drive and the car rent a bit expensive and also raining. Oh boy, too much reasons!
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