Monday, 20 June 2011

Family Vacation: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Day 3

The weather in Sutera Harbour looks good. Bright and sunny clear blue sky. A good day for us to go island hopping like what we have planned. We paid RM260 for the three of us. Expensive huh?

We took the 9.30 am boat with seven other people who were mostly Korean tourists. First stop, Mamutik Island. One of the five islands which is the smallest of all five. Only 15 acres. Since we have been to a better beach so far.. like in Phi Phi island,we found it so-so. Malay says, OK LAH. Not much spot to snorkel, there were lots of people during this school holidays. We went into the blue and green water, oh and some part we could see 'plastic fishes'.

Don't know what fish is that. I called it long fish

The 'blue plastic' fish
Hehe.. You know, all those plastic bags. Although not a lot, but it's a shame some people don't know how to maintain cleanliness. After an hour there, we decided to go to the next island.

Manukan Island is the second largest in the park. It's kind of the same. Well all beaches are also the same too aren't they? They have water, trees and people. Hehe.. But Manukan Island has some good beaches. There are also chalets, few restaurants and swimming pool. Much more facilities than Mamutik Island.

After taking few shots of the place, we left at around 1 pm. There we other three islands there; Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi and Pulau Sulug. The largest is Pulau Gaya. We hope to go to the other islands if we plan to have our vacation here again.

As soon as we reached the pool, picked the very best spot there we ordered burger and fries from the pool bar. As you already know the price at the hotel was totally CRAZILY expensive. Six sticks of 'satay' for RM26?! Huh!

When it's cold it's too cold and when it's hot, too hot too handle. We hang out by the pool until 5pm to cool off. Mr. Fruitheart went for a spa treatment. Guess what, RM330! Luxurious treatment. We can see the sky is getting darker. Oh boy, it's going to be raining tonight. We we too tired to dine in the cafe,so we ordered some food and ate in the room. Ended the night watching rain through our bedroom window. Lovely.
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