Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Human Nature: How Honest Are You?

Honesty is telling the truth, being sincere, truthful and trustworthy with integrity. Ask yourself, how honest are you? No need to admit here, or tell the whole world in a blog that you're a liar or confess anything OK. Just keep the answer to yourself.

Being honest lets other people know they can trust you
There are people among us who cannot accept the fact that they've done a mistake and blaming others instead. I have faced that a lot. It bugs me. Seriously, I made myself and my brain to think about this kind of people when I have the power to let it go. Yes, they will talked behind you, bitching about you. Mr. Fruitheart was right, why do you have to think about it so hard, when you actually have something else much worth to think or do?
People twisting stories just to make them good and make other people feel sorry for them is another attitude. The Malay says 'PUTAR ALAM PUNYA ORANG'. Oh and they feel offended when they're being blame for their own mistakes. They don't like to accept what others told about them is true. On top of that, kept doing the same thing and expect people to still tolerate with it?

it's a bit emotional entry don't you think? There are others who faced the same thing as this. The different is, how you handle it and move on.

My quote of the day: “People will always talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live. Let them. You affected their lives, they didn't affect yours.”

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