Saturday, 18 June 2011

Just The Two of Us: Day 1 Without Mr. Fruitheart

The challenges started. Yesterday, we sent Mr. Fruitheart to the airport. He left us for Norway. Sob sob.. Three weeks. This is the first time we were apart after nine months of married. Both me and kiddo, cried. But kiddo cried much more than his mommy. Hehe..But that doesn't mean I am not sad OK.

There's nothing much we did today. I'm at my parents house, still re-arranging my their stuff. Moving to a new house is sure one tiring thing. Have few boxes that need to unpack. Maybe when I come back next week will do that.

Mr. Fruitheart has arrived safely in Oslo, Norway at around 5 pm Malaysia time. I was napping at that time, yeah my favourite hobby during weekend. He told me the place was cold and he was enjoying his sight seeing.

Later after dinner, we chat through YM. Kiddo missed daddy so much. So do mommy. Another 21 days. He sent some pictures.

Lake in front of the hotel

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