Monday, 27 June 2011

Just The Two of Us: Day 10 Without Mr. Fruitheart

Ten days has passed. So many things happen, no time to update. Do you know how does it feel without Internet for four days? Especially when you have only channel 612 on Astro to watch? Indescribable.

Kiddo had fever for five days since Sunday night. Suddenly he had it, no cough or cold or flu. So Monday he didn't go to school. Same goes on Tuesday. He went to school only on Wednesday. Later that evening I saw him looking so fatigue and his eyes a bit red. I brought him to the other doctor. He suspected viral fever. He advised me if the fever doesn't go away on Friday, I better bring him to the hospital for blood test. That is totally what I am afraid of.

On Friday night, the fever got worse and I brought him to KPJ Tawakal the next day. Confirm. Doc said he had viral fever and tonsil infection (tonsillitis). And the previous medicine was not good enough to kill the virus. Oh brother. So he had to stay in the hospital for few days. 

Day one

Day two

Day three

Day four. Early morning
Just before discharge
As promised, we went to KLCC to buy toys- Transformers. Two! Kiddo will not be going to school until Thursday. Rest at home. Mommy? Go to work, what else.

P/S: We missed you daddy. Please come back soon. Love, mommy and kiddo.
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