Thursday, 2 June 2011

Nora Elena and Seth Tan

New drama, actually not new also - Nora Elena. I watched the first episode and got hooked! Usually I don't watch drama, long time left the 'addiction'. Now my addition is back. And it's bad because the show starts from 7pm to 8pm. Grr.. why do they have to air it at that time?

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I have missed it few times. Hopefully today I can go back on time. 6 pm sharp. I know I can watch it from live streaming or, but the excitement is not there.

Until now, I don't know what is so good about the drama. But, I enjoyed watching it. Husband and wife, trying to get along together because she married the stranger after being left by her fiance. All those sweet things the husband did to woo the wife. Funny things happen while they're going through their marriage. Oh, to me it's a typical Malay movie. For sure I know how it ends. Of course happy ending. Hehe. And I know, a lot of women out there would want their hubby to be like Seth Tan, and the man would love their girlfriend, wife to be pretty as Nora Elena. Right?

I won't be telling here what the story/drama is all about. And I know lots of my blogger friends, facebook, and twitterland friends are watching it. I think I'm going to miss the show for 4 days next week. Ahh, don't care. My vacation is much more exciting. Haha. Sabah here we come.

P/S: I have a sweet hubby too and I am happily taken.
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