Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Nora Elena Finale

I have a fever!

Nora Elena fever. If Justin Bieber had Bieber Fever, so does this story. Nora Elena Fever. TV3 akasia slot which aired from 7pm to 8pm, Monday to Thursday. As most fans already know, this week is the final episode. Only 24 episode for this drama. Short huh?

Today I reached home at 7.30pm, missed the first half show. Later after dinner, I watched it at tonton. Lucky this time I can get it. Hehe.

So hot and pissed of Yvonne. Still want to mess up with Seth marriage. She really made me hate her with her acting. Haha, emotional woman! At last, she got fired. Finally! Seth should have done that long time ago. Eh eh.. the script was like that why I want to change it? If not I am not so crazy over the drama right? Hehe. Good job producer. If you're planning to make a movie, I am sure will watch it. But, please make sure it was worth to watch. As for tomorrow finale, will read my twitter timeline and also watch through tonton. Will be back really late.

P/S: I know it will be happy ending. Yeah!
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