Thursday, 23 June 2011

Oh No! It's Report Card Day

How many of you like the day? If you like it, you must be the top ten scorer in your class. Me? I am OK with the day, because only once or twice my father went to school to get it. Haha. The rest, he said.. 'Just tell your teacher, your father is busy working and please pass it to you.'

Maybe some of you got the same answer and experience during your school days. All those funny things happen during that day or after we got back from school. How we got the killer look from our father, the no-TV-until-end-of-year stare. Remember? And some even hide it and much worse, forged their parents signature. True isn't it? And NO. I have not done that.

Today is the day first time in my whole life being a parent, I went to kiddo school to get his report card. For some unknown reason, I am nervous. It is not me who took the exam. Am I afraid if my kid doesn't perform well in school? Which makes me feel uneasy? Not sure. Well, the feelings gone when I stepped into the class - 1 Arif. Phew!

Kiddo's class teacher is a lady. She recognized me, WOW! I'm impressed. Last time I saw her was on the day first day I registered kiddo to school. Very good memory. I sat down and she showed me kiddo's report card.

Wohoo! I am a proud mommy. Number six out of 30. Bravo! Bravo! Proud of course, in top 10 list. (OK enough Fara, stop bragging about it so much) Hehe. He scored 90 for English. Whoa.. well done my boy. He got 3A, 2B. That two B's are errmm.. oh I'm ashamed to tell. Bahasa Melayu *blush* Same like mommy's result for UPSR. *double blush*.

P/S: Name je orang Melayu, tapi Bahasa Melayu tak score. Tak 1 Malaysia betul.
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