Thursday, 30 June 2011

What's Your Name Again? Megatron

I know everyone is so excited about the new Transformers movie sequel no.3: Dark of The Moon. My office mate had watched it. And I don't want to know him at the moment. *envy* Haha.

There are a lot of entries about it too. Overall says it was a OK and worth to watch. However, I don't find any enthusiasm in those entries. Wonder why? Is it not good or best as previous?

So today, I get into facebook wanted to know about friends who had went to see the movie. *Awesome, superb, OK lah, Not bad, hot chick, poor bumblebee* all those it their status. And not forgetting, some people had created a group in facebook to name their child or nephew as MEGATRON. *shake my head*

There was something similar to in too in 2010, whereby a relative made a group 'If 1m people sign up to my group my sister will name her baby 'Megatron'.

Please parents-to-be. Why would you want to choose a 'weird' name for your children? I understand if you want your child to have a unique, the only one who could have that name on earth or you just want your child to be in the source of attention. Seriously parents, please think about it. Many of the names you desire your kids to have is somewhat ridiculous and have no meaning. Please think about them when they grow up. Attending job interview for instance.

Interviewer: Your name?
Interviewee: Megatron.
Interviewer: Say what?
Interviewee: M-E-G-A-T-R-O-N

We are living in a weird world after all.

P/S: Kiddo keep on asking me if I can bring him to watch the movie. He said, we watch together, as for daddy.. he can download it. Sounds too familiar, isn't it Mr. Fruitheart?
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