Thursday, 21 July 2011


I'm a new follower to his blog. 'Santai Bersama Ben Ashaari'. I love to read his entries, which almost about everything. Easy reading I would say. And I would like to thanked him for following me back.

Joining his current segment 'BEN ASHAARI CARI BLOGGER BARU JER'. Ends at 9PM tonight.

My blog is mostly about me and things that happens around me. Why I wrote in English and not Malay? I wanted to sharpen my English and at the same time I learned English by writing them. Even though I didn't used any bombastic words, I would like my readers to understand what I'm trying to say. There is no point writing, if your readers doesn't understand what you're trying to share, correct?

I do have Malay entries by the way.

I will try my best to update one entry per day despite having to work 9-6 and taking care of my family. I love writing. It feels good to write because sometimes, people are not to open to say it out loud. Their pictures and writing speaks for them.
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