Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bomb Threat at Pavillion, KL

I was there at the crime scene. Not from start, half way when the police has started to close the road. And didn't took pictures. Hands full of stuff.

It happened during lunch hour around 12.30 pm. My colleagues said a bomb was placed at the link bridge. Saw lots of people standing near the crime scene and traffic was so bad at that instance. Police had closed the road and tightened the security around the area. Traffic congested from Standard Chartered building in front of Wisma Cosway straight to Prince Court and Bukit Bintang.

I felt like watching CSI now. Scary. My friend said, they found the bomb and had blasted it of. I guess it was a tiny bomb. Lucky there was no people injured.

Image credit to @Sekupang from Twitter
P/S: Should really be careful when we are outside the house.

Edited: Found another picture from twitterland.

Credit to @riveong and @linkinstreet for RT
Image credit to
This must be the picture before the road closure
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