Monday, 4 July 2011

Down Memory Lane: First Card to Mr. Fruitheart

I was doing my room cleaning on Saturday. All those un-wanted stuff I've thrown it out. I've reorganized the dressing table as well. Phew! What a day. As I was rearranging the bedside table drawer, found a card. I opened it, and it was the first 'love' card I gave to Mr. Fruitheart. Hehe. If I'm not mistaken, I gave the card with a book and also a bookmark.
Between You and Me
You’re my love and my best friend,
And the friendship we share makes the love and the romance,
Between us mean even more to me.

Our relationship is so much richer and more fullfilling,
And I feel a special peace and comfort when I’m with you.

It’s like you soothe my soul,
As well as excite me in so many ways.

I always wanted to be friends,
With the person I fell in love with.

I always felt that was important somehow,
And now I know why.

Knowing that you’re there for me,
To lean on whenever I have problem,
And knowing I can do the same for you,
Makes me feel incredibly lucky.

I know that not every couple,
Feels such deep friendship for each other,
And it fills my heart,
With even more love for you,
To know that we share something so special. ~Suzanne Heins

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