Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Food Review: Saba Restaurant Setiawangsa Branch

Food again peeps.

We, me and my in laws family had dinner at Saba Restaurant Setiawangsa. It was my first time there. I know they have one more outlet in Cyberjaya. Have not been there yet. Dinner was in conjunction with my brother in law's birthday, which was on 1st of July. Delayed because everyone is busy with our own agenda.

Reached there around 8PM. Lots of people. The restaurant had two floors where people can enjoy their meals. Since the first floor is occupied, we headed to the second floor. There were two tables that were reserved for big family.

We ordered first while waiting for other family members arrived. I ordered, Chicken Shish Tawouka. What no rice?? It's OK, I've had enough eating rice since morning. Trying out something light before bedtime.

Mr. Fruitheart had Beef Tika and kiddo ordered Chicken Chop with ice lemon tea.

It was a big portion and I thought kiddo wouldn't be able to finish it. Surprisingly, he did. Only left small bite for Mr. Fruitheart to finished it all up. OK here comes the negative feedback.

Since it was packed with people, the service was not as expected. There are many reviews on how good was the food, the service and place. But this time around, I have something else. It's not THAT GOOD. Both my father and sister in law's food came late. Until we had to call the waiter and asked if they had forgotten. Only after 10 minutes it arrived after most of us had done eating.

I have to admit, the food was a OK, so-so. Compared to my experience eating at Khan Baba Restaurant, which is much better. I think because it was a famous Arab Restaurant, lots of people wanted to try causing congestion and packed.. the service became slow? Hmm..

P/S: Didn't took a lot of pictures. Tired and it's past my bedtime.
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