Sunday, 24 July 2011

Goodbye iPhone, Welcome BlackBerry and Playbook

After almost four years being loyal to iPhone, finally on 23rd of July I left it for BlackBerry. So used to the iPhone makes me struggle a bit with BlackBerry. I chose to have BlackBerry Torch. Because it has keypad and touch screen. When you have the coolest gadget which you can use by touching, I felt that when I used keypad I downgraded myself. Haha.. Gosh! Seriously. Awkward.

Thanks to my beloved Mr. Fruitheart who also bought me the new BlackBerry Playbook. He agreed to buy both the BB and PB for his beloved wife. I'm so lucky aren't I? Err no, there are NO vacancies for second, third or fourth wife.

So far what I've done with it was, twitter, facebook, messaging. I don't even know how does the BBM thing with the pin works. So he passed me the manual. Boo hoo hoo. Not willing to read the manual though. I guess I have to go to Maxis tomorrow to register for the BIS. Found the website, not able to login. Either I have the wrong information entered, or that I didn't get the correct website.

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