Friday, 8 July 2011

Just The Two of Us: Day 18 Without Mr. Fruitheart

18 days has passed. The long wait has come to and end. Mr. Fruitheart will be home soon, in two days. Hehe. Is this how it supposed to feel when husband is outstation, especially to oversea huh? Hmm.

Let's see.

Music: I've been listening to I Need A Doctor by Eminem, California King Bed by Rihanna, Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum, You and I by Secondhand Serenade and Jar of Hearts by Christina Perry. Sad song huh? Sometimes when we can't say it out, we played the song and it speaks on behalf of us.

What have both of us been doing while daddy is away? I went shopping! Haha. My favourite part time job and the best stress reliever. La Senza of course. Just when I was about to go shopping, my ATM card not functioning. Grr! I had to get a replacement because the ATM machine 'ate' my card. Damn! Is that a sign for me NOT TO GO SHOPPING?! Hmm. But, I bought it anyway. Hehe. And did get a replacement card on the next day.

Kiddo? I bought him the 'Harimau Malaya' and Man Utd jersey. Frustrated when they wrongly printed his name as SYAHIMIE instead of SYAHMIE. Oh boy, he was pissed. He don't want to wear it and I did asked for new one. Hoping this time they print his name correctly.

It has been a tiring and hectic weeks for me. Have to drive by my self, do all those things on my own.. I even sent the car for service. Not a big deal, but that was the first time I sent myself. All this while my father did it for me. Spoil brat. Haha.

Can't wait for Mr. Fruitheart to come home.
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