Friday, 1 July 2011

Kiddo Oh Kiddo, Panic Moment

I got a call from Mr. Fruitheart at 5am Oslo time today. He wouldn't called me if it's not urgent or something that is not related to family matters. Panic attacked a bit.

As expected, he told me kiddo's teacher called him and said he missed the school bus. Oh oh! I rushed out from the office that very instance. Much worse when I reached Jln Tun Abd Razak, traffic congestion. After few hundred metres above, there was no jammed. Grrr! I told myself, please son don't cry.. mommy will be there soon.

I reached the school and there was no one there. At that time, one lady came down and asked me who am I looking for. I said, my son missed the school bus and I'm there to picked him. She said, oh ya.. the small boy. He's in the office. She said, pity him. He was standing outside the gate alone. I said thanks and went up.

I saw him sitting near the counter. Smiling! Phew! And, I was scolded by him for not attending his report card day early morning. Errr...??

The funny part? He told the lady clerk that his daddy was away, already boarded the plane when he was asked for his daddy's phone number. I know if I typed here, it didn't sound funny. But both of us know it very well how he say it.

P/S: Always put your phone number in your child bag in case of emergency.
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