Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Mini Golf in Our Office Lounge, Don't Play Play

Few months back, the management had done minor renovation to the office. They had build a lounge for staff and provided us the new coffee machine. We have suggested they put a TV and PS3 there, too much isn't it?

Yesterday, they put in a mini golf. Cool! But, who wanted to play while working right? Or someone might say, that fella doesn't have work is it? Wah, you're so free and can play golf some more. And etc etc of unwanted comments.

I tested it just before I left the office at 6pm. Just so you know, the ball didn't make it to the hole. Haha.

Me in action
Even the HR Exec also tried it.

The ball also didn't go through. Haha
Although we don't have the coolest environment office like Google or facebook, a small space for staff to take a break is really much appreciated.

Google office. Image credit to Google

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