Monday, 18 July 2011

My Brain Not To Think For You

Pissed entry.

There are times when I am in a very good mood and really love to help others. I will give them my best. Sometimes I took the effort to ask around and find solution for them. That's me, that's how I work. That's who I am. I did it for myself too.

There are also times when my mood is not good, my hormone changed, PMS, tired.. and all those negative feelings. I can say it's just not your day when my evil twin has conqured me. My brain will not work for you, will not think for you and will not find the best solution for you. It will give you answers like, what do you think is best? have you tried and ask? have you look elsewhere? have you asked the person who's requesting instead of me? I don't and NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE ANSWERS TO EVERYTHING! I know how it feels when I was being asked.. so how now? what must I do? Instead of saying that, why don't you give me the answer of what you can do for a change? It would be nice.

Image credit to Google. Frustrated, annoyed
It makes me happy when I did good to others. But those who likes to take me for granted, it makes me frustrated and annoyed. You're saving your brain for what? I may not be someone who is helpful when I am not in a good mood. You know what, it's not only me.
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