Saturday, 2 July 2011

My Son, The Man Utd Fan

I am sure all of you football fans out there know that the three of big EPL club will be heading to Malaysia really soon. Yes, I am talking about Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. They are on their EPL Asian 2011 Tour and our 'Skuad Harimau' will be playing against them.

So, I was in the mood to buy kiddo a jersey. I wanted to buy him the 'Harimau Malaya' black and yellow jersey. I kind of like the design and color. I looked in the Internet to find where I can buy it. I went to this page:

As I was searching for it, kiddo came and asked me if I am going to buy him the jersey. I said yes. Showed him the yellow and black jersey, he said no he don't like it.

Kiddo: I want other jersey. The red color one. Can you find it in there?
Me: Which one?

I was scrolling down the page until he said stop and pointed to this.

Image credit to katalogjersionline

Kiddo: Haa.. I want that one. I like it.
Me: MU????
Kiddo: I always play the football games at daddy's iPhone mama. They always win.
Me: Ok.

So that's how I know which team my kiddo support. Daddy and mommy are Liverpool fans, kiddo Man Utd fan. Good fighting and supporting combination huh? He told me to buy that jersey with his name on it. Oh man!

P/S: Why MU son? WHY????
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