Friday, 1 July 2011

Careful of What You Published

The new hot news are everywhere in blogger land. Wardina Saffiyah the MHI host gave a blogger fourteen days to remove the entry about her related to opposition party. If not, the mentioned blogger will be sued.

I have not read about it in details or went to the specific blog. So I didn't know the true real stories. Let's not dig it too deep shall we? I am pretty sure, you know better than me.

What I'm trying to say here is, what ever we do, write or publish yes it's our own risk. We really need to be very careful that all the information posted either in facebook, twitter, blog or other social networking platforms are not going to cause controversy. For instance, remember few months back when a girl made a confession she is no longer a virgin? Whoa! That really stir up some 'craziness' trending in twitter land. Yeah you guys remember it correctly, good. That's what some Malaysian are best at, GOSSIPS! I bet, she had taken out the entry.

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I believe there are blogger being sued or their blog being blocked. Just that sometimes I don't take much attention to it. Yes, I do blog. And I tried my best not to publish something that could caused me being 'indirectly' famous and glamour.
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