Saturday, 2 July 2011

When Hello Becomes 'Heyloo' and Look Becomes 'Luk'

It happens everyday in our daily lives. Either in blog, facebook, twitter, friendster, emails, YM, MSN and other platforms. It even happened to students in school when answering their exam papers.

Let see if you can understand this.
Hw d ya knoe it's sumthin tat u alredi knoe?

V shud not b seein each other afta wurt happened

Hafta cya later, thx

Nvm, idk hm izzit. I hv 2 pay neway

Luk, v cud be 2gether

M abt 2 call u


M gud, gr8 2 meet u

When OK becomes k and come becomes cum. Oh brother!

Image credit to cartoonstock
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