Tuesday, 26 July 2011

When Size Does Matter

When you can no longer wear an XS or S size. I'm having a the stage where I ate a lot and one meal is not enough. The other day, I bought tomato chicken rice and fried mee for lunch! Before I reached the age 30, I would eat half rice or wouldn't finished my meal. But now, it's not enough. Or if it's enough, after one hour I would feel hungry again.

Some people easily put on weight if they eat like me, but that is not happening to me. I am still trying to get my 50KG weight which I tried since a year ago. it is only 48KG. Yes, I know there are people who said.. You're so lucky to have a weight like that. Oh yeah? You think so? My doctor said my ideal weight is 50KG, even my mother in law says I'm too skinny.
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