Monday, 18 July 2011

Women and Football, Inseparable?

Football or some says soccer is not only for men. Some women love it too.
OK. Men would have said, 'Women just love to see all those good looking players'. Well, I have to agree with that. It did somehow add to the reasons why women love football.

Some women they know the game, understand the rules, wear jerseys, will sit right up and debate like any other football fan, oh and some even organized a watch parties. Some even stayed up late till wee hours in the morning just to watch their favorite team perform. It is not a surprise if you ever met a women who knows football better than a dude who wears the jersey!

Have you heard the latest news? Yes, Japan wins 1st World Cup. What's a biggie deal about it. Well, it's a proud moment for all the WOMEN players OK. They won in a penalty shootout.

They beat the Americans for the title in a riveting final Sunday night, 3-1 on penalty kicks, after coming from behind twice in a 2-2 tie. The star of the shootout was feisty goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori, who made two brilliant saves in the shootout. (source

Winning goalie Ayumi Kaihori of Japan made two saves in the shootout. Credit to yahoo sports
Well done!

So how do I get myself involve in this? My childhood friend is a football addict. He was the one responsible taught me about it. His favourite club? Man Utd! Why? All his family members are MU fan, from the father, mother to the little brother. It's a long time fairy tale stories. 20 years ago. Hehe.

And now, my kiddo is also a Man Utd fan. While his daddy and mommy are Liverpool fans. The top reason I love football because the good looking players, what else?
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