Sunday, 28 August 2011

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya.. Salam Kemaafaan Di Aidilfitri

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Di kesempatan ini, saya tuan empuya blog Fruitheart ingin mengucapkan 'SELAMAT MENYAMBUT LEBARAN' kepada seluruh umat Islam dan pembaca blog ini. Harap dimaafkan segala salah silap, andai ada terkasar bahasa dalam melayari entri di blog ini ya.

Kepada yang akan pulang ke kampung atau pun yang sudah berada di kampung, semoga anda semua selamat pergi dan balik. Tidak kira di mana anda berada, keselamatan adalah yang paling utama. (Pergh ayat skema betul, rasa macam buat karangan Bahasa Melayu SPM je).

Friday, 26 August 2011

Chickenkebob! Last Food Entry for Ramadhan

Chickenkebob! Chickenkebob! That is what kiddo called Uncle Bob Fried Chicken. During this last week of Ramadhan almost everyday he asked us to buy him the chickenkebob. I know it's a bit hard for him who is fast talkative talker to pronounce Uncle Bob Fried Chicken. He invented his own word. As long as I understood what he said, OK with me.

Long queue everyday. RM5.50 per piece. Uncle Bob Fried Chicken is a chicken meat coated in crispy crust while being skinless and fatless. Yes! You read it right. So you don't have to feel guilty while eating it. Uncle Bob Fried Chicken comes in original and spicy flavour, just like KFC. Yes, it's finger licking good! 

The chicken will be cut in smaller sizez which makes it easier for kiddo to eat. He had asked if after Ramadhan he can still have it. I'm not sure where to find it other than at bazaar Ramadhan. Hopefully we will find one near our place.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

JOM Photobook Giveaway by KedaiGambarKami 17 Aug - 25 Aug 2011


I was blog walking and I do follow Catlina's blog. How could I missed it? Hope it's not too late because the GA ends today 25th Aug 2011.

There are two categories and I chose category B and I believe I am under that. Hehe. Why I should be the winner?

I have never had pictures of me and my new family in a photobook. If I am chosen as winner, this would be my first time. I would really love to have this photobook as my first wedding anniversary gift which is on 25th September 2011. This would also be the best memory captured.

Would you like to join? It ends 12 o'clock midnight tonight. Still have time.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Malaysia Sudah 54 Tahun Merdeka, tapi..

This was the scene that catches my attention when we drove near Uptown Danau Kota on Monday morning. Total mess! We can see cups, big/small plastic bags everywhere on the road and by the road side.
It looks like someone had a massive party last night. I wonder if the people who done it, did the same thing at their house. This place is where they build up the bazaar Ramadhan. So I guess most probably those sellers who did it.

Much worse, they gather all those big black plastic bags at one spot. I don't think there will be garbage collector collecting it. Because it is still there until today.

Even though Malaysia is going to celebrate it's 54 years of independence, it is really shamful when some Malaysian citizens are not educated enough about cleanliness. Some even taught their children to just throw rubbish outside the car window and drain. Why can't you put one plastic bag inside your car, and throw it into rubbish bin after you reach home? If you seriously don't want your car or house to be dirty, please don't dirty your country. Why? Because I live in Malaysia too!

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake and Bangkok Wasabe

I was so busy from last Saturday until today. Just when you're in the mood for long holiday, yes raya holiday.. there are too much work. It seems to me that 24 hours is not enough.
That is why this birthday entry supposed to be on 17th Aug, instead I posted it today. He turned 30 this year. Same age as me, just that I'm few months older than him. Yeah, honey I know.
Since his birthday falls on the month of Ramadhan, we didn't planned with other family members to celebrate it like usual. I bought him Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. His favourite, Jamoca Almond Fudge flavour.

Then later that week on Sunday, we had dinner at our favourite Thai Restaurant - Bangkok Wasabe. The Thai Street Restaurant locate at Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara. It has been our family eating place for occasions for couple of years. Kiddo didn't called it by the restaurant name, he called it 'Nasi Elephant'. You'll know why.

They do provide dates for Muslims during break fasting. it's not from Yusuf Taiyoob by the way. We ordered, green curry chicken / beef with Thai aubergine.

This is our main course - Tomyam talay - chicken. Superb! It has not changed from the first time we ate at this place.

I got to have vegetables when I eat. So I ordered this, stir fried mixed vegetables with garlic and prawn. Delicious!

Right: Stir fried beef in black pepper sauce. It used to be too hot and spicy, but now not anymore. I wonder if they had changed chefs.
Left: Kerabu Mangga. The taste is just nice, sweet sour and of course yummy!

Drinks: Watermelon juice for mommy, thai ice coffee for daddy and 100 plus for kiddo.

Oh and he was a bit grumpy and cranky that evening. Because he was sleeping when we arrived and he had to walked. Boo hoo hoo.

Total all is RM72. Not bad huh? Yes, the price are reasonable. I would recommend this eating place to all Thai food and tomyam lovers out there.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Only For Selected Customer

Maybe I'm just too lucky. Always got selected by various banks, insurance company, sales person, product selling person and the list goes on. This just not happened to me, but to Mr. Fruitheart also. Our word of the year Only selected customers.

'Bang, kami ada promotion. Rugi kalau tak ambil ni bang. Promotion ni sampai esok je. Kami telefon ni, pelanggan terpilih je yang dapat bang.'

'Hi, I'm calling from *tuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttt*. We have new promotion. Currently you're paying RM145 for the package. We are offering this to our selected customers only. The discount package would only be RM120.'

Haaa.. I know many of you experienced this. Or many of you said this to your so called selected customers. True or not? The best part is, if the promotion or discount involving money.

'Sebagai menghargai pelanggan setia dengan bank kami / kad kredit kami, kami ingin menawarkan encik 'cash advance.' Tahun pertama encik tak perlu bayar interest. Tahun kedua interest 2% je encik. Dah nak raya ni encik, takkan tak nak guna duit kan.'

Helloooooooooooooooo.. Please.. I menyampah tau!

Mr. Fruitheart: You sure there will be no interest? I checked my statement, there are various charges, MISC lah, Finace lah, management lah. Pay extra also you charged.
Promoter: Err... Ye ke encik. Ok, nanti saya akan check dengan bahagian finance. Berbalik dengan prmotion tadi, encik tak perlu bayar tahun pertama, tahun kedua dan seterusnya je.

Selagi boleh tu nak promote jugak. Mr. Fruitheart cakap, sorry not interested. I bet you know what happen next la kan. They changed their voice tone. Even the thank you also, kerassssss!

'Selamat petang encik, kami dari *tuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt*. Boleh saya tahu encik dah kahwin ke belum?

'OK. Kami ada produk baru. Insurans 1Malaysia. Bayaran serendah RM100 je encik. Kalau encik ada anak, boleh buat untuk anak encik. Atau kalau isteri encik belum ada insurans, boleh apply untuk isteri encik sekali.'

Every month we paid one thousand just for insurans. That is enough. Even though we told them, we had enough.. they kept on calling. Why can't you just stop?! Later if we don't have money to pay, you sent reminders. You sent letters. If we got back the money that we paid to you, tak pe lah jugak kan. Ini tak, rugi macam tu je. Huh!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Food Review: Ramadhan Buffet at Seri Melayu, KL

I thought this year I'm not going to have my break fasting outside like last year. I had two different places and three times. Marriott Hotel twice, because the food were good and price was reasonable. Oh and since it's not me paying, I'm gladly to join. Haha. Teruk betul Fara!

And last Friday, I had my break fasting at Seri Melayu Restaurant, Jalan Conlay. It was my first time there. After work, went to Pavilion for sight seeing while waiting for the clock to turn 7pm. Bought something for my beloved Mr. Fruitheart, his birthday tomorrow. Entry will be out soon.

They build up tent outside the restaurant. More than 10 I believe. Yes, it was fully booked people. You have to booked early one week.

Can see this from the road.

When we arrived, saw this group playing Malay traditional music. So nice.

Mr. Fruitheart thought this is 'pengat pisang'. It's not actually. Bananas poured in syrup. And his friend said, banana soup. So western!

Chefs cooking 'lemang', 'ketupat' just in front the entrance. We can see this too from the main road. This is just like when I'm at my village. Difference is there were lots of people cooking.
This three tier cake caught my attention. You can see it from the main entrance. On your left.
Stayed till the end. Two people left already.

Overall, nice food. I love eating their 'rendang ayam', with 'lemang' and 'nasi impit'. The 'kuah satay' delicious too. 'Sayur lodeh' was a OK. Tasted their 'ice kacang' not bad. I added vanilla ice cream on top. Hehe.
Not so many variety of food, but I can say it all finished. Clap! Clap! Nothing got wasted. Around 8pm, one lady which I believe from the restaurant singer, sang Malay oldies song. Also there were cultural performance and dancing.
Fan dance

Our table was in front of the VVIP table. Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz. She is so friendly, smiling and we wished her Selamat Berpuasa and thanked her for letting us to snap her picture.

Monday, 15 August 2011

We the Froyo Family

Who have never heard of Tutti Frutti? It's a frozen yogurt (froyo), which I thought another brand new ice cream. My favourite has always been Baskin Robbins.

So, who introduced us to TF? No one. First time we saw it at One U. After we watched movie, decided to have ice cream. mr. Fruitheart fall in love first taste with it. So now he's the most froyo among us. Second of course kiddo.

They opened a new outlet near our place, Platinum Walk Danau Kota.

He loves the original flavour. A bit sour and sweet. Kiddo? Vanilla as usual.
chocolate topping
Kiddo waiting patiently. He loves to have the sprinkle on it. Just like he had for BR.

Variety of toppings and nuts and jellies to put on top of the froyo, yummy!

There were not many people because of fasting month. I think. Or they have not noticed the newly opened TF. I think it was about a week. On the first day, one of my twitter friend told me they had 50% discount. Missed it because I was too tired to go out :D
Ladies day is every Thursday, ya ladies. Do drop by to get your discounts. Hehe. Last week only, we had TF for two days. Not in a row. And kiddo had running nose. OK. No more froyo for you.

When good things taken a lot, it will be bad for you. And, something that is too good actually not good for you, because you will be asking for more. yeah, that's you froyo!

New outlet at Platinum Walk

Food Review: Pulut Udang Dato' Keramat

One of my favourite food to eat during fasting month is pulut panggang or some called it pulut udang. I've been to the nearest bazaar at my house, Danau Kota, Taman Melati and Taman Melawati.. couldn't find the one that makes me craving for more. Oh, it is also one of Mr. Fruitheart favourite food. He told me there's one place that sell delicious pulut panggang.

Dato' Keramat. We went there on last weekend. The first day, there were no people queueing and we bought only five. We knew back home, there will be lots of other food. Don't want to waste.

First bite, emm emm.. yummy! The filling was full, and the pulut was nicely cooked. It is RM0.60 per piece. And, we went there for the next day. Nothing!

A bit frustrated. I thought it was already finished. He said the pulut panggang is on it's way. It was 5.50pm that time. So we went to buy other food and told him to pack seven for us. He said OK. We came back and still no pulut panggang. Uwaaa.. (as I was typing this, my tummy growling). We didn't wait and went to the car. Don't know when it will arrive.

As we drove pass by, saw the man before us had carried a plastic bag containing the pulut panggang. It has arrived. And Mr. Fruitheart asked me if I wanted to buy it. Without hesitation I said yes, and he dropped me. Haha.. he said, that was the first time he saw me craving so badly. I told him, that is his preparation if his wife pregnant.

I have to queue, despite had ordered it earlier. Six people in front of me. So I waited. Pulut panggang punya pasal, sanggup! I bought eight. Sorry, couldn't take the pulut panggang picture as I was busy eating. Plus I'm sure you know how it looks like. If no, google it.

So, what's your favourite food during Ramadhan month?

Friday, 12 August 2011

Zakat Fitrah for 2011 - Paid

Syukur alhamdulillah, we have paid our zakat fitrah (almsgiving) this year. It is so convenient now because they also opened a small booth at shopping complexes. Saw one in KLCC just outside UniqLo.

This year, it is RM7 per person.

Definition: Almsgiving; one of the five "pillars" of Islam.  Muslims who have wealth remaining over the year must pay a certain percentage to aid those in need.  While it can be paid anytime during the year, many people prefer to pay it during Ramadan. (source

Monday, 8 August 2011

Ramadhan: A Week Has Passed By

Salam Ramadhan. It is the eighth day of fasting. I am so thankful and happy because until today kiddo has fully fasting. He didn't missed a day. Clap!Clap!
Time sure flies us by so fast that I feel it was like only yesterday the first day of Ramadhan. Also, there were a lot of things, news, joy, unhappy stories happens around us.
For instance, our famous goalie Khairul Fahmi and TV3 MHI host Ally Iskandar who broke up with their fiance. All with issues and problems of their own. Yeah, gossip said it because of third person. Oh well, there are lots of stories I've read on the bloggerland news. It's quite surprising for me and unbelievable how BLOGGERS knew it faster than newspapers, mags or even TV. I got the first news about the golie from twitter and it was in a blog! Pretty amazing knowing some Malaysians love to dig stories about other people privacy. Yes I truly understand because of demand from viewers that is why Melodi still exist until now, right?
Latest news I heard and read is about Makcik Hajjah Sitt AlWuzara. Who's she? I used to retweet a friend's twitter message about her saying nasty things about Islam. I also read few of her comments. Nauzubillah. Surely could stir havoc and anger among the Muslims. ANd yes, it is now. It has also been in blogger and twitterland that Gaysec had tracked this person down and revealed her identity. To read more you can find it here Makcik Hajjah Sitt AlWuzara terdedah oleh GaySec #OpsRamadhan.

So many negative comments about it that I am surprised some of us used. Yes, we are angry. Wouldn't it be good if we still have good manners and say it nicely? Just my thought.

My Obsession With Background

If you noticed recently, I have changed my blog background. AGAIN! Yeah, again. Last week it was blue, previous it was in pink.. and now it's white. Cloud white. I'm getting bored easily with my blog background. There's one time I am too obsessed with brown and black, I stayed to that almost a year. And now, I am struggling to find a background that made me fall in love with it again.

I've been looking in thecutestblogontheblock, jellypages, scrampy, pyzam, blogskins, hotbliggity etcs.. couldn't find anything that makes me ouhh.. 'that is so cute!'. Or maybe I should just create my own blog background huh? I wish I have time to learn how to do it.

I guess until I found one that satisfy me, you'll keep on seeing my background changes from time to time. Please bear with it at the moment.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Malaysia Bloggerland News: Missing Person Has Been Found

Thank God! The missing man came back to the family. My twitter friend told this early morning. Such a happy news on Friday. But, the reason he went missing is not known until now. Thanks everyone who pray for the man's safety and their family.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Malaysia Bloggerland News: Missing Person

A twitter friend of mine had posted this on my page and asked me to circulate the news. Her friend's husband actually is the missing person. He has gone missing from his home at Alam Damai, Cheras on 2nd Aug 2011 around 3am.
My twitter friend had posted all the information in her blog Minta Bantuan Orang Hilang
Please pray for her friend's husband safety and that he will be back home soon to the family. I'm sure she has done all she could to trace her husband.
Here is the picture of the missing person.
ITHNIN NGADIMAN Malay Male wearing a red Baju Melayu and black pants when he was last seen. If you have any information please do give their family a call. Sarjan Radha 012-6059997 or Salwa 013-3101221 or her mother 016-3743248.
Hope she will be strong and her husband return home soon.

Old But Still Romantic

There are no specific duration or age in life for people to be romantic. Romance is not meant only to young adults or teenagers, but older people too. Age is no barrier for romance, in fact some young adults do envy older couple who still holds each other hands while walking. Am I right? How you wish you'll be like that when you're older huh?

Early morning when I left the house, I saw my neighbour hanging her clothes. As usual, women did the job. But this time around, the hubby was beside her and helped. To me that is ROMANTIC. It is hard to see husband and wife doing house chores at the same time, helping each other. Especially when both are working.

Wife cooking, husband watching TV. Wife washing dishes, husband continue watching TV. Sounds like you huh? Hehe. Sometimes they can't even wash their own plate. Terasa ke?

image credit to jaesonma

"Romance is the emotional attachment between two people. It is not a fascination or an enthusiasm on the opposite sex. Romance is often disassociated with sexuality. Though, sex can be part of a romantic relationship, sexual activities are not essential elements in romance and romantic relationships." - source unknown

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Kiddo First Day Fasting

We entered the second day of Ramadhan. It's already half way in this second day. Another three hours to go back. My eyes getting smaller each time I continue with work, but it's wide open when I surf the Internet.. looking for clothes, updating twitter and yeah blogging.

Yesterday, kiddo successfully fasting. The whole day! My MIL said he did asked can he eat quite few times. Until he was told to go to sleep. There was no school yesterday, so he did saved his energy a bit. We came home and he was still sleeping. Woke him up at 6.30PM.

He came down ten minutes before break fasting. Oh boy! It was such a torture and pressure moment. He cried. Boo hoo hoo. He kept on asking what's the time now? Can we eat yet? Why is it so late? Oh my tummy hurt so much.. bla bla bla.. I do understand his feelings. I too acted like that during my first time. Hehe.. He looked so tired and no energy at all. And I am so proud he managed to complete one whole day. *big smile* He slept at 8.30PM last night.

The challenge is today. I did gave him some money in case he is really hungry and told him to let the teacher know about it. I kept on reminding him not to run and play around with his friends. That will save his energy. Hope he listens.

I'm so anxious to know the result.

10 Tips For Working Mums

As I was surfing the Internet early Monday morning on the first day of 'puasa', I came across to this very interesting article. As usual, I would love to share it with all readers. Found it in Parenthots section in theStar online.

1. Don't spend too many extra hours at work.
2. Exercise.
3. Treat your maid well.
4. Love your husband and look good for him.
5. Don't spoil your children.
6. Have a social life and a good network of support.
7. Pray to God.
8. Hug and kiss your spouse and children.
9. Love your parents and siblings.
10. Be grateful and stay positive. 

image credit to zazzle
She put it all in a point which I totally agree, especially no.1 and 3. When we are at work, we depend on our helper to take care our children. So, when we got back from work.. it is our turn to take care of them. I do understand, we're tired of driving, standing in the LRT.. etcs. I also sometimes take it for granted when my mother took care of kiddo. And seriously, I felt really bad. I only spent my quality time with him two or three hours a day when I was working night shift. And my weekend, I totally dedicated my time with him. There are many times I said I want to quit. That is when, Mr. Fruitheart says.. give me twins then you get your wish. Apart from looking good for our husband, need to ensure he also gets the attention. Sounds hard huh?

Me, the supermom..

Monday, 1 August 2011


Happy Fasting Everyone! Semoga selamat menunaikan ibadat puasa dan moga sepanjang bulan Ramadhan ini, kita memperoleh pahala yang banyak.

OK, I joined another segment by Ben Ashaari. I wonder, should I post it in Malay or English. Or Manglish, Englay?

Kita berbahasa Melayu/English pasar lah ek? Hehe. First time puasa masa umur I tujuh tahun. Seronok sebab ayah cakap siapa puasa penuh dapat duit raya RM100. See? Our parents who thought us like that, and no wonder some still use that reason nowadays. Kira macam bribe dah ni kan.. Kecik-kecik dah kene rasuah, dah besar??

Mak kejut awal, kul 4.30 pagi tau. Tenyeh mata terus duduk kat kerusi. Masa tu I sorang je yang bangun, adik semua kecik lagi.

'Ehh.. pegi cuci muka tu dulu, cuci mulut. Ish! Penuh air liur basi.' Muahaha.. kene jerit dengan mak.

Bangun awal macam tu memang lah tak boleh nak makan banyak macam makan tengahari kan. So, my mom paksa jugak makan banyak. Siap dia bancuhkan susu, bagi kenyang sampai petang katanya.

'Kalau lapar tengahari nanti caner mama? Boleh makan tak?'
'Cuba tahan. Kalau betul-betul lapar baru makan.'
'Habis, nanti kalau orang lain perli tak makan?'
'Dah tu kalau tak nak orang perli, jangan lah makan.'

Aduhhhh! Memang ayat macam tu lah I guna untuk balas jawapan kiddo. Tapi, kiddo adalah lagi cerdik memainkan cakap maknyaaaaa... Ye, Syahmie anak bertuah mama. Siap menjawab lagi.

Teringat lagi, tak tahu hari ke berapa sahur.. I tengah makan, oleh kerana ngantuk sangat.. muka pun menyembah nasi. Habis dengan sambal ayam kene mata. Apa lagi, diketawakan lah oleh ayah dengan mak. Kurang asam!

Makanan yang paling suka waktu berbuka? Pulut panggang. Bukan masa kecik je, sampai dah besar jadi mak budak ni pun. Cube usha gambar ni.. so yummylicious.

Mat Gebu post dalam entri ni Pulut Panggang. Ehh ehh.. cover air liur tu ya.