Tuesday, 2 August 2011

10 Tips For Working Mums

As I was surfing the Internet early Monday morning on the first day of 'puasa', I came across to this very interesting article. As usual, I would love to share it with all readers. Found it in Parenthots section in theStar online.

1. Don't spend too many extra hours at work.
2. Exercise.
3. Treat your maid well.
4. Love your husband and look good for him.
5. Don't spoil your children.
6. Have a social life and a good network of support.
7. Pray to God.
8. Hug and kiss your spouse and children.
9. Love your parents and siblings.
10. Be grateful and stay positive. 

image credit to zazzle
She put it all in a point which I totally agree, especially no.1 and 3. When we are at work, we depend on our helper to take care our children. So, when we got back from work.. it is our turn to take care of them. I do understand, we're tired of driving, standing in the LRT.. etcs. I also sometimes take it for granted when my mother took care of kiddo. And seriously, I felt really bad. I only spent my quality time with him two or three hours a day when I was working night shift. And my weekend, I totally dedicated my time with him. There are many times I said I want to quit. That is when, Mr. Fruitheart says.. give me twins then you get your wish. Apart from looking good for our husband, need to ensure he also gets the attention. Sounds hard huh?

Me, the supermom..
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