Friday, 26 August 2011

Chickenkebob! Last Food Entry for Ramadhan

Chickenkebob! Chickenkebob! That is what kiddo called Uncle Bob Fried Chicken. During this last week of Ramadhan almost everyday he asked us to buy him the chickenkebob. I know it's a bit hard for him who is fast talkative talker to pronounce Uncle Bob Fried Chicken. He invented his own word. As long as I understood what he said, OK with me.

Long queue everyday. RM5.50 per piece. Uncle Bob Fried Chicken is a chicken meat coated in crispy crust while being skinless and fatless. Yes! You read it right. So you don't have to feel guilty while eating it. Uncle Bob Fried Chicken comes in original and spicy flavour, just like KFC. Yes, it's finger licking good! 

The chicken will be cut in smaller sizez which makes it easier for kiddo to eat. He had asked if after Ramadhan he can still have it. I'm not sure where to find it other than at bazaar Ramadhan. Hopefully we will find one near our place.
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