Thursday, 25 August 2011

JOM Photobook Giveaway by KedaiGambarKami 17 Aug - 25 Aug 2011


I was blog walking and I do follow Catlina's blog. How could I missed it? Hope it's not too late because the GA ends today 25th Aug 2011.

There are two categories and I chose category B and I believe I am under that. Hehe. Why I should be the winner?

I have never had pictures of me and my new family in a photobook. If I am chosen as winner, this would be my first time. I would really love to have this photobook as my first wedding anniversary gift which is on 25th September 2011. This would also be the best memory captured.

Would you like to join? It ends 12 o'clock midnight tonight. Still have time.

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