Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Kiddo First Day Fasting

We entered the second day of Ramadhan. It's already half way in this second day. Another three hours to go back. My eyes getting smaller each time I continue with work, but it's wide open when I surf the Internet.. looking for clothes, updating twitter and yeah blogging.

Yesterday, kiddo successfully fasting. The whole day! My MIL said he did asked can he eat quite few times. Until he was told to go to sleep. There was no school yesterday, so he did saved his energy a bit. We came home and he was still sleeping. Woke him up at 6.30PM.

He came down ten minutes before break fasting. Oh boy! It was such a torture and pressure moment. He cried. Boo hoo hoo. He kept on asking what's the time now? Can we eat yet? Why is it so late? Oh my tummy hurt so much.. bla bla bla.. I do understand his feelings. I too acted like that during my first time. Hehe.. He looked so tired and no energy at all. And I am so proud he managed to complete one whole day. *big smile* He slept at 8.30PM last night.

The challenge is today. I did gave him some money in case he is really hungry and told him to let the teacher know about it. I kept on reminding him not to run and play around with his friends. That will save his energy. Hope he listens.

I'm so anxious to know the result.
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