Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Malaysia Sudah 54 Tahun Merdeka, tapi..

This was the scene that catches my attention when we drove near Uptown Danau Kota on Monday morning. Total mess! We can see cups, big/small plastic bags everywhere on the road and by the road side.
It looks like someone had a massive party last night. I wonder if the people who done it, did the same thing at their house. This place is where they build up the bazaar Ramadhan. So I guess most probably those sellers who did it.

Much worse, they gather all those big black plastic bags at one spot. I don't think there will be garbage collector collecting it. Because it is still there until today.

Even though Malaysia is going to celebrate it's 54 years of independence, it is really shamful when some Malaysian citizens are not educated enough about cleanliness. Some even taught their children to just throw rubbish outside the car window and drain. Why can't you put one plastic bag inside your car, and throw it into rubbish bin after you reach home? If you seriously don't want your car or house to be dirty, please don't dirty your country. Why? Because I live in Malaysia too!
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