Thursday, 4 August 2011

Old But Still Romantic

There are no specific duration or age in life for people to be romantic. Romance is not meant only to young adults or teenagers, but older people too. Age is no barrier for romance, in fact some young adults do envy older couple who still holds each other hands while walking. Am I right? How you wish you'll be like that when you're older huh?

Early morning when I left the house, I saw my neighbour hanging her clothes. As usual, women did the job. But this time around, the hubby was beside her and helped. To me that is ROMANTIC. It is hard to see husband and wife doing house chores at the same time, helping each other. Especially when both are working.

Wife cooking, husband watching TV. Wife washing dishes, husband continue watching TV. Sounds like you huh? Hehe. Sometimes they can't even wash their own plate. Terasa ke?

image credit to jaesonma

"Romance is the emotional attachment between two people. It is not a fascination or an enthusiasm on the opposite sex. Romance is often disassociated with sexuality. Though, sex can be part of a romantic relationship, sexual activities are not essential elements in romance and romantic relationships." - source unknown
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