Thursday, 18 August 2011

Only For Selected Customer

Maybe I'm just too lucky. Always got selected by various banks, insurance company, sales person, product selling person and the list goes on. This just not happened to me, but to Mr. Fruitheart also. Our word of the year Only selected customers.

'Bang, kami ada promotion. Rugi kalau tak ambil ni bang. Promotion ni sampai esok je. Kami telefon ni, pelanggan terpilih je yang dapat bang.'

'Hi, I'm calling from *tuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttt*. We have new promotion. Currently you're paying RM145 for the package. We are offering this to our selected customers only. The discount package would only be RM120.'

Haaa.. I know many of you experienced this. Or many of you said this to your so called selected customers. True or not? The best part is, if the promotion or discount involving money.

'Sebagai menghargai pelanggan setia dengan bank kami / kad kredit kami, kami ingin menawarkan encik 'cash advance.' Tahun pertama encik tak perlu bayar interest. Tahun kedua interest 2% je encik. Dah nak raya ni encik, takkan tak nak guna duit kan.'

Helloooooooooooooooo.. Please.. I menyampah tau!

Mr. Fruitheart: You sure there will be no interest? I checked my statement, there are various charges, MISC lah, Finace lah, management lah. Pay extra also you charged.
Promoter: Err... Ye ke encik. Ok, nanti saya akan check dengan bahagian finance. Berbalik dengan prmotion tadi, encik tak perlu bayar tahun pertama, tahun kedua dan seterusnya je.

Selagi boleh tu nak promote jugak. Mr. Fruitheart cakap, sorry not interested. I bet you know what happen next la kan. They changed their voice tone. Even the thank you also, kerassssss!

'Selamat petang encik, kami dari *tuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt*. Boleh saya tahu encik dah kahwin ke belum?

'OK. Kami ada produk baru. Insurans 1Malaysia. Bayaran serendah RM100 je encik. Kalau encik ada anak, boleh buat untuk anak encik. Atau kalau isteri encik belum ada insurans, boleh apply untuk isteri encik sekali.'

Every month we paid one thousand just for insurans. That is enough. Even though we told them, we had enough.. they kept on calling. Why can't you just stop?! Later if we don't have money to pay, you sent reminders. You sent letters. If we got back the money that we paid to you, tak pe lah jugak kan. Ini tak, rugi macam tu je. Huh!
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