Monday, 15 August 2011

Food Review: Pulut Udang Dato' Keramat

One of my favourite food to eat during fasting month is pulut panggang or some called it pulut udang. I've been to the nearest bazaar at my house, Danau Kota, Taman Melati and Taman Melawati.. couldn't find the one that makes me craving for more. Oh, it is also one of Mr. Fruitheart favourite food. He told me there's one place that sell delicious pulut panggang.

Dato' Keramat. We went there on last weekend. The first day, there were no people queueing and we bought only five. We knew back home, there will be lots of other food. Don't want to waste.

First bite, emm emm.. yummy! The filling was full, and the pulut was nicely cooked. It is RM0.60 per piece. And, we went there for the next day. Nothing!

A bit frustrated. I thought it was already finished. He said the pulut panggang is on it's way. It was 5.50pm that time. So we went to buy other food and told him to pack seven for us. He said OK. We came back and still no pulut panggang. Uwaaa.. (as I was typing this, my tummy growling). We didn't wait and went to the car. Don't know when it will arrive.

As we drove pass by, saw the man before us had carried a plastic bag containing the pulut panggang. It has arrived. And Mr. Fruitheart asked me if I wanted to buy it. Without hesitation I said yes, and he dropped me. Haha.. he said, that was the first time he saw me craving so badly. I told him, that is his preparation if his wife pregnant.

I have to queue, despite had ordered it earlier. Six people in front of me. So I waited. Pulut panggang punya pasal, sanggup! I bought eight. Sorry, couldn't take the pulut panggang picture as I was busy eating. Plus I'm sure you know how it looks like. If no, google it.

So, what's your favourite food during Ramadhan month?
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