Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Food Review: Ramadhan Buffet at Seri Melayu, KL

I thought this year I'm not going to have my break fasting outside like last year. I had two different places and three times. Marriott Hotel twice, because the food were good and price was reasonable. Oh and since it's not me paying, I'm gladly to join. Haha. Teruk betul Fara!

And last Friday, I had my break fasting at Seri Melayu Restaurant, Jalan Conlay. It was my first time there. After work, went to Pavilion for sight seeing while waiting for the clock to turn 7pm. Bought something for my beloved Mr. Fruitheart, his birthday tomorrow. Entry will be out soon.

They build up tent outside the restaurant. More than 10 I believe. Yes, it was fully booked people. You have to booked early one week.

Can see this from the road.

When we arrived, saw this group playing Malay traditional music. So nice.

Mr. Fruitheart thought this is 'pengat pisang'. It's not actually. Bananas poured in syrup. And his friend said, banana soup. So western!

Chefs cooking 'lemang', 'ketupat' just in front the entrance. We can see this too from the main road. This is just like when I'm at my village. Difference is there were lots of people cooking.
This three tier cake caught my attention. You can see it from the main entrance. On your left.
Stayed till the end. Two people left already.

Overall, nice food. I love eating their 'rendang ayam', with 'lemang' and 'nasi impit'. The 'kuah satay' delicious too. 'Sayur lodeh' was a OK. Tasted their 'ice kacang' not bad. I added vanilla ice cream on top. Hehe.
Not so many variety of food, but I can say it all finished. Clap! Clap! Nothing got wasted. Around 8pm, one lady which I believe from the restaurant singer, sang Malay oldies song. Also there were cultural performance and dancing.
Fan dance

Our table was in front of the VVIP table. Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz. She is so friendly, smiling and we wished her Selamat Berpuasa and thanked her for letting us to snap her picture.
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