Monday, 8 August 2011

Ramadhan: A Week Has Passed By

Salam Ramadhan. It is the eighth day of fasting. I am so thankful and happy because until today kiddo has fully fasting. He didn't missed a day. Clap!Clap!
Time sure flies us by so fast that I feel it was like only yesterday the first day of Ramadhan. Also, there were a lot of things, news, joy, unhappy stories happens around us.
For instance, our famous goalie Khairul Fahmi and TV3 MHI host Ally Iskandar who broke up with their fiance. All with issues and problems of their own. Yeah, gossip said it because of third person. Oh well, there are lots of stories I've read on the bloggerland news. It's quite surprising for me and unbelievable how BLOGGERS knew it faster than newspapers, mags or even TV. I got the first news about the golie from twitter and it was in a blog! Pretty amazing knowing some Malaysians love to dig stories about other people privacy. Yes I truly understand because of demand from viewers that is why Melodi still exist until now, right?
Latest news I heard and read is about Makcik Hajjah Sitt AlWuzara. Who's she? I used to retweet a friend's twitter message about her saying nasty things about Islam. I also read few of her comments. Nauzubillah. Surely could stir havoc and anger among the Muslims. ANd yes, it is now. It has also been in blogger and twitterland that Gaysec had tracked this person down and revealed her identity. To read more you can find it here Makcik Hajjah Sitt AlWuzara terdedah oleh GaySec #OpsRamadhan.

So many negative comments about it that I am surprised some of us used. Yes, we are angry. Wouldn't it be good if we still have good manners and say it nicely? Just my thought.
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