Monday, 15 August 2011

We the Froyo Family

Who have never heard of Tutti Frutti? It's a frozen yogurt (froyo), which I thought another brand new ice cream. My favourite has always been Baskin Robbins.

So, who introduced us to TF? No one. First time we saw it at One U. After we watched movie, decided to have ice cream. mr. Fruitheart fall in love first taste with it. So now he's the most froyo among us. Second of course kiddo.

They opened a new outlet near our place, Platinum Walk Danau Kota.

He loves the original flavour. A bit sour and sweet. Kiddo? Vanilla as usual.
chocolate topping
Kiddo waiting patiently. He loves to have the sprinkle on it. Just like he had for BR.

Variety of toppings and nuts and jellies to put on top of the froyo, yummy!

There were not many people because of fasting month. I think. Or they have not noticed the newly opened TF. I think it was about a week. On the first day, one of my twitter friend told me they had 50% discount. Missed it because I was too tired to go out :D
Ladies day is every Thursday, ya ladies. Do drop by to get your discounts. Hehe. Last week only, we had TF for two days. Not in a row. And kiddo had running nose. OK. No more froyo for you.

When good things taken a lot, it will be bad for you. And, something that is too good actually not good for you, because you will be asking for more. yeah, that's you froyo!

New outlet at Platinum Walk
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