Monday, 12 September 2011

Don't Be A Workaholic

Happy Monday everyone!

I know some have 'Monday Blues'. OK, what is Monday Blues actually? From wiki.answers - its when you are sick and you are always having a bad day on Monday. Hmm... is that so? But why is everybody said they're having Monday blues on Sunday, when Monday is not there yet?

Today, this one article in NST 1klassifieds section caught my attention. Title: DON'T BE A WORKAHOLIC. In the article introduction, it says "It is dangerous to be a workaholic. Although you may finish a lot of work, you may endanger your marriage, ruin your relationships with your children, get burnt out, and end up in an early grave." That serious huh? YES! 

Steps that will point your way to have more enjoyable, meaningful life:
1. Change your values so work is no longer the most important thing in your life.
2. Your family.
3. Your health.
4. Enjoyment and peace of mind.
5. Money

Once you have a firm of determination to tackle your work addiction, the following steps can help:
1. Evaluate the impact of the various types of work you do.
2. Limit the number of work assignments you accept.
3. Limit the amount of time you spend working.
4. Be flexible about when you aim to finish a piece of work.
5. Limit the quality of work you aim to achieve.
6. Be efficient in the work you do.

I used to be one workaholic mother, when I'm single. During that time, all I think was to get more money to raise kiddo which I realized later it's not money that he wants more. It's his mother. The attention, the love and care from a mother to her child, that is what more important to raising kids these days. Yeah, I believe that.

After he entered kindergarten, I changed my working time and spend more time with him. It's never to late to change.

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