Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Empire Subang Explosion and Malaysians Reaction

All pictures here credit to twitterland people who took it. By looking at those pictures, it was pretty bad. News said four people were injured including security guard while more than 300 people rescued and evacuated. It has been the story of the day until now and it is said because of gas-piping leaked. NOT CONFIRMED. Police had closed the road there.

Image credit to theStar online

Image credit to theStar online

Image credit to @edwintcg Day Dreamer
Did you know one of the most fastest news I received is via twitter? YES! There is a hash tag created for this #EmpireSubangExplode. You can check pictures posted by them by using that hash tag.

Sadly, there are some people who are not sensitive enough and making fun out of it. Some even comments how they wish it was a terrorist attack, saying it is connected to Al-Qaeda and such. Why must people speculate things?

It seems to me, there is no final news about the explosion. Let's not speculate things and wait for the final findings.

Here's more pictures: zulseffort
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