Monday, 26 September 2011


Friends.. We all have them. No matter if we see them everyday, communicating via social networking or our unseen friends, that mostly our cyber friends.

I met my high school friend which I haven't met almost 15 years. She still looks like she is still 14 years old! Slim, although she's married and a mother to one child. I was having my lunch at that moment when I saw her. She didn't recognized me, and after I told her my name. She smile widely and oh boy, she screamed! Hehe.. Women huh? As excited as we are when gossiping. 

The girl who sat alone. Lonely. Friendless.. Image credit to
She asked me if I was alone, and I said yes. She said, you're friendless. Errmm.. OK I accepted that compliment. I told her sometimes I prefer to go alone, because I have the freedom to choose where I want to eat, when I want to eat. And sometimes, my workload makes me a bit lazy to go out and walk far from the office. Some of my friends prefer to enjoy their 'free' time outside walking far and sweating under the hot sun. Nah ah ah.. not me.

As we were about to leave the restaurant, she said.. "let's chat in facebook. You have one right?" I said..emm uh-huh. She smiled. "Great!"

We already added each other actually. Just that, I don't logged into it nowadays. It's getting boring! Social networking has changed people to be a bit anti-social in some way. Don't you agree?

Yes, I do feel friendless now. I love my friends and I have best friend. But, they have boyfriends, husband and other best friends too. I've learned one thing last week, I might need to let go of a friendship. And.. start to find a new one.
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