Thursday, 29 September 2011

Fruitheart 's Traffic Update - Unbelievable!

I updated my blog as usual yesterday, with the title Empire Subang Explosion and Empire Subang Explosion and Malaysians Reaction. Deep down in my heart I know my blog traffic going to hit the ceiling. Yes! I am right.

First time ever, it reached 15K.

9453 Views, 6945 Uniques

15859 PV, 10298 PV for the Empire Subang Explosion

Sometimes it feels good to see my blog page views number increasing. 'Kejar traffic?'.. Sometimes OK, just sometimes. I wanted to let the whole world know.. Hey I have a blog! I have stories! Read me, read me!

But of course not all your stories are interesting and informative for others to read. As I said earlier in my previous post 4990 PV, 3061 UV A Day?, just write everyday and there will be at least ten people who read it. Keep on blogging!

P/S: I wish the UV would be more than 1000 a day.
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