Tuesday, 6 September 2011

How Many Does a Woman Need...?

♫ You know that I'm a crazy chick
I do what I want when I feel like it
All I wanna do is lose control ♫

But I'm not a crazy chick! So what is it that I did today? During lunch hour, I went to buy a small bag just to put my blackberry and purse!

After my lunch at Subway yesterday, I went bag-hunting. Bonia, Sembonia.. which I know I couldn't get less than RM200. Next stop Teddy Tales and few stalls on level 4. There's one stall that sells bags made of jeans, so nice and cute. But.. but.. it wouldn't fit my long purse. *sigh* Reasonable price, not more than RM50. I was disappointed of course. Just when I had an eye for something, there's no size.

Went to Miss Whatever. Whatevvverrrr! Got few nice small bags but, yeah couldn't fit my purse.. AGAIN! Usually I would have just give up. But, I bought this black small bag instead. It doesn't even have a sling. I bought it anyway. Below RM30. It driving me nuts when my heart, brain and hands doesn't work together and kept on fighting with each other. To buy or not to buy? At last, hand wins. I stepped out the shop.. SMILING.

♫ And that's why I smile.. It's been a while.. since everyday and everything has felt this right ♫
OK, here's the thing. How many does a woman really need.. handbags? Shoes? Clothes? Make up? Jewelleries?

I've read somewhere sometime ago, on average a women own ten handbags. 10??!! I only have two. One big brown handbag which I called 'Marry Poppins' and one black handbag which I used when I go to the market or near my house. Oh yes of course I have one bag that I trashed all my make up.

Err.. that doesn't count as handbag right? In my opinion, I think five handbags should be enough. Too much?

What about shoes? I am obsessed about shoes, so ten. Muahaha.. Clothes? Oh that is countless. Don't some of you agree with me?
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