Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Human Can Be Cruel Sometimes, Poor Kitty

I am sure each one of you have heard about Petknode, the most talked hell-hotel for pets. It was said about 300 hundred cats were involved. That's a lot man! And sadly some had died because of starvation. I felt sorry for all the pet owners. Knowing their pet are not taken care of for a week and was let alone to die, that is so cruel!
Image credit to the Star
Well what are we to do now? I read in newspapers, activists, pet owners and lovers, even politicians were angry and have asked stern action taken to those responsible. They can make hundreds of police report, but where will it lead or end? Does putting them behind bars or give them summonses would solve the issue? NOT! As you already know, this is just the same as other issues in Malaysia. Just when it gets in the news and involved higher rates of death for example, people would give ideas, solutions.. and so on. Take example the baby dumping issue. It still happens, even though so many actions have been taken into consideration and done.

Malaysian Animal Welfare Society president Shenaaz Khan said “They (Petknode) will certainly get away with it, there will be a public outcry for a while, the company will lose their license, but (later on), they will just set up another business elsewhere." Read here Petknode – ‘They’ll bark, but not bite’

Human beings, yes they can be cruel sometimes.
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