Friday, 9 September 2011

Keep In Touch in Facebook

Facebook. Direct translation to Malay - Mukabuku. There's a song about it, Cinta Mukabuku sing by a 16 year old girl, Najwa Latif. Catchy song, and nice lyrics too. About teenagers love. That is what happened when you listened to Hotfm radio station instead of, and those songs like Aisheteru, Percaya Padaku, Beribu Sesalan, Ku menunggu stucked in your head. OK, I am out of the topic now.

One of my office colleague resigned today. He got a better job opportunity outside. Good for him. And traditionally, whenever someone leaves the company they would send email. He did the same.

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Back then people would just include their phone number and email address. Nowadays, they include their facebook name and twitter as well. It's not a surprise at all. It's just that I think we're so into social networking these days. What happened to the hangout in old fashion way? Meet up at coffee shop, catch up movies with friends, or even play squash on weekend? Some still doing it, no doubt about it.

I feel like I'm losing lots of my friends lately. I know everyone have their own agenda, plans with families and kids. Especially those newly weds and those who had new babies. Sometimes I need to talk to a friend, when I called they didn't pick up. Kind of make me sad and unwanted. Although my heart says, it's OK they're busy, they might turn my call later.. but hmmm..

I missed my time when I'm having my chit chat with my girlfriends. Once in while we do need to mix around don't we? My mind says, I could always make new friends. Yeah, I have lots of online, unseen friends via social network. Hundreds of them. It's just not the same.. you know what I mean.
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