Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ladies.. Don't Disgrace Yourself

~ You wear a very tight short skirt and others looked at you when you walked passed them. But then you started to pull down your skirt. If I have extra cloth, I would give it to you for free.

~ You wear a white satin sleeveless blouse. Looks stunning. Saw 'something black' under your armpit. If I have a shaver, I'll pass it to you on the spot.

~ You wear your nice tube and red hot pants. You look so hot babe! Didn't you noticed you have '50 cents coins mark' on your back and long legs? I'll give you my skin specialist number for a free visit.

~ You wear a nice net blouse. Saw two lines, one on the right and one on the left. Pink and purple. Gosh, your bra string! I can happily show you the way to La Senza to buy a strapless bra.

~ Your skirt looks really amazing with those 4 inch high heels. Are they hairs that fell onto your legs when you visit your hairdresser today?

~ People can see your erect nipple underneath your see-through blouse. You prefer to have your boobs dangling eh? It's not sexy!

~ Tight clothes is not sexy and hot when you have baby fat on your tummy. You give others the idea you're five months pregnant.

P/S: Beautiful and pretty does not mean you have to show skin!
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