Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Malaysia's PM Played 'Gotcha' on Jakeman..Cool!

He is awesome man! How do you react when out of sudden, a VVIP called you? A Prime Minister for instance. I would sweat and yes nervous to the max. Both the morning crew hilarious DJ, JJ and Ean had informed listeners of HITZ.FM previous week that they going to air 'PM gotcha-ind The Jakeman' it on Tuesday. And, it was aired this morning around 8.30am.

We have heard a lot of times, Jakeman (GM I tell you) gotcha-ing his staff. And they have been trying hard for revenge. Haha.. no success. So this time around, they had to ask our PM for helping out. It turns out he listens to the 'GOTCHA' too, as told by Manager, Brian. Epic! I wouldn't have thought our PM can do that. He always busy as we know it, and I don't think he has time for all this funny hilarious errr.. nonsense? Haha.. but no. He participated.

You can read too in the NST today. Ha ha, PM gotcha, Jakeman

P/S: If it happens to me, I think I can cry. Takut!
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