Monday, 19 September 2011

Teeth Extraction, Painful

I'm in pain.. Sob sob. Bleeding for almost whole day during the first day Dr. Tan extract my tooth. Haa.. MC on that day. Couldn't eat much. The next tooth was extracted on last Saturday, bottom tooth. It was a OK, not like the upper tooth.

I took out my teeth because I'll be wearing braces soon. Haih.. I should have done it when I'm a teenager age around 16-20 right. But what to do, so busy with teenagers life. No exposure about all this.

I still feel the pulsation (is that correct?) in my gums. Pain killer is my best friend now. Next appointment, two more teeth on Friday. No TGIF for that week. I'll be laying whole day. Uwaaa!

P/S: Of course they gave me sedatif, but I'm such a drama queen.
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