Monday, 26 September 2011

A Wedding Anniversary Gift for Us

Yesterday marked the 365 days of our marriage life. We don't have plans, don't have the idea what to give to each other. It is only first year and we don't know what to do.. haih.. so sad. Come to think of it if 10th or 50th anniversary, what would we have for ourselves then? Busy has been our best friend this year.

So, we just go with the flow on Sunday. As usual, as a housewife I did my chores early morning. Washing, cleaning, ironing re-arranging. And quick update on the blog. Since it rained around 9am, Mr. Fruitheart decided to continue his beauty sleep until 11am.

We had lunch at Chilis, KLCC. Since I had my four teeth extracted, I chose to have chicken spaghetti. Mr. Fruitheart had steak for his lunch and kiddo as usual, fries with drumstick. He had two plates! So hungry huh?

Went to Toys 'r us and bought kiddo his toy. One toy as promised. Kids, even though they already had a big huge box full of toys, they still want a new one. After he got his Lego Racer, we went for 'Printer' hunting. That's what we got for our first year wedding anniversary gift. This year, there is no for him or her, for US.

Canon compact printer - Selphy CP800
P/S: We got the white one, no more black color.. the end.
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